Our Consulting Portfolio

ict consult considers itself your scout and organizational partner in achieving the successful marketing of ICT solutions and services. For more complex business applications, ict consult will find suitable ways to proactively support and accelerate market development. Through its network of diverse partners from all relevant fields in the ICT environment, ict consult is able to bring together synergetic partnerships between developers, manufacturers, distributors, integrators and ICT-based service providers.

ICT – Solutions - Applications, Components, Infrastructure, Services

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) market follows its own laws and is characterized by short development cycles on the supply side, yet facing traditional structures on the demand side. ict consult establishes a successful basis for initiating useful business collaborations or finding a suitable partner for distinctive challenges.

Customers looking for infrastructure providers, data centers and IT security will find suitable providers of every size in ict consult’s portfolio. Because, ultimately, no business can succeed without a solid foundation.

ICT – Marketing – Strategy, Concepts, Implementation – from Marketing to Sales

Every technology requires focused communication with the respective decision-makers. Professional marketing helps to define and activate them through appropriate measures and specific channels. Corporate identity and design are just as important as effective positioning in the internet, strategic PR programs and informative advertising material. Rely on ict consult to refer you to competent and highly-qualified partner agencies with experience in these specific ICT segments in your search for ICT services.

Establishing sales and consultation networks through distribution channels and direct consultation also belongs to the ict consult strategy. No project can expect long term success without an expert consultant familiar with applications down to their smallest detail and who understands the process-oriented business approach. ict consult will pinpoint the best approach and refer you to the best consultant or consultant agency for what you require.

ICT – Resources – Experience, Expertise, Excellence

It is often most important for providers and system integrators to find suitable experts or teams of experts who can join a project on site immediately and work directly for the service provider. ict consult can draw on a large pool of partner networks for ICT system houses with expert knowledge of today’s mainstream methods and programming processes.

Whether you need an entire Scrum team or just individual services, ict consult will bring you together with the appropriate partner. Web, application, and system programming for all current operating systems – you will find excellent skills and experience for each particular challenge in the services or resources referred to you. This, naturally, also applies to all mobile computing based on Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Sven Teiwes – a personal message

Through my 20 years of experience with and in software companies, system integrators, providers and consultant companies, and because I believe that I can pass on a compact and diverse knowledge of the industry, I founded ict consult in 2007.

From my experiences and the consequences of the New Economy, and now, as a result of the finance and economic crisis, a return to reality and authentic conduct is evident, not only in the ICT industry, but also in general and it is steadily gaining significance. Today, more than ever before, it involves sustainability and stability in the business world.

And increasingly, ecological and economical attitudes are necessary. I, personally, would like to support these through my work and pass them on to my partners and customers. It takes courage and the willingness to clarify and explain and often it calls for discarding or questioning conventional thinking and procedures.

Nothing is as constant as change! Confronting change and gaining insight for the future out of past experiences is good and motivating thing. If you are an innovative and ambitious entrepreneur who wants to develop more reach for the business I would like to invite you to a personal exchange of ideas and viewpoints. I am always interested in solutions, suggestions and ways of thinking that are unique.

If I’ve piqued your interest and you would like to exchange viewpoints with me, you can call me direct at: +49 (0)40 830 192 61.

Innovative regards,


Sven Teiwes